Highlighting this exciting new era for the park is a brand new, first-of-its-kind slide which will take riders on a thrilling 206-metre journey, Whirlwind!

The ride is a thrilling mix of physical and visual sensations that build and set pulses racing. Whirlwind begins with a plunge through a darkened enclosed tunnel that quickly opens up into an open downward curve. Guests will travel high around the spiral as the curve drops them 2.5-metres at speeds of up to 25 kph – and that’s just the beginning! Riders will then head back into the dark before emerging into the second open spiral. It’s a suspenseful journey from dark to light and back again before the final splashdown!

Whirlwind is a great addition to the action on Tower 1 that also features the popular H2Go Racers and 360 Rush.

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  • Minimum Height: 110 cm
  • No. of Riders: 1 or 2 Person
  • Minimum Individual Weight: 45 kg
  • Maximum Individual Weight: 135 kg
  • Maximum Combined Weight: 180 kg